EGL USA Envira Certified
Social Responsibility

Our Collection

Our children's jewelry is made in the U.S.A. from recycled and environmentally friendly-mined gold and ethically-mined diamonds that come directly from Africa.  There is absolutely no difference in appearance, quality or value in our gold; the only difference is in your conscience.  It makes sense to buy 100% recycled metals and conflict free diamonds.

We source our gold from suppliers that utilize methods of production that re-use materials and conserve energy.  Our gold suppliers have created methods that reduce the quantity of waste products generated per ounce recovered by 75%.   All of our gold used in our pieces is created from 100% recycled metals.  At this time, there are currently no producers of recycled chain or findings.

Also, we work with socially-responsible diamond and gold mining organizations that aid workers and their communities through fair trade diamond and mining practices.   Specific projects aim to empower disadvantaged communities by promoting positive ethical practices in mining for precious metals while avoiding environmentally-damaging mining practices. The process makes a positive contribution to both the people of Africa and the communities from which we purchase our materials.

We believe education is key to creating a safer and sweeter earth for our children. For more about the environmental and ethical challenges of gold and diamond mining, please visit:

Our Packaging
At iceing on top we have incorporated our eco-friendly values into every facet of our collection, from the product to the packaging. Our boxes contain a high percentage of recycled paper. Our gift cards are made from recycled product.
The gift bag purse is made of 100% organic fabric.

Our Values
iceing on top is proud to be at the vanguard of children's jewelry lines committed to socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly fine jewelry. We believe our actions and choices reflect our values. Our efforts are just the beginning at increasing awareness and building demand for widespread industry change.

Our Charitable Endeavors
We value the future of our own children and all the world’s children, and embrace our opportunity to instill the importance of respecting our earth, our communities and our neighbors. iceing on top is committed to making the world a brighter place for all children through our direct involvement with Keep A Child Alive.

A percentage of website proceeds from the four stone bracelet will be donated to help support Keep A Child Alive, which provides drugs to African children and families suffering from the AIDS pandemic. By treating them with medication and restoring hope to orphaned children, Keep A Child Alive makes a direct impact on the lives of the many children and communities who need help.

EGL Certification
EGL USA's exclusive Envira Series Certification is your guarantee that the iceing on top jewelry is crafted from responsibly sourced, environmentally conscious gold. The metal is 100% recycled and refined through an environmentally-conscious process in a zero-emissions facility.
To learn more about EGL USA gem lab's commitment to our planet and our customers, log on to
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