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Heart Charm Knotted Bracelet BIG BIG

Mini Heart Pendant

Pear Charm Knotted Bracelet

Round Charm Knotted Bracelet

One Of a Kind Bracelet

Heart Iceing Studs

Heart Iceing Sprinkles Necklace

Leather Iceing

Heart Iceing Pendant Necklace

Heart Diamond Iceing Charm Bracelet

Heart Iceing Charm Bracelet

White Emerald Iceing Bracelet

Heart Iceing Bangle

Yellow Emerald Iceing Bracelet

Four Charm Iceing Bracelet

Pear Iceing Studs

Pear Iceing Sprinkles Necklace

Pear Iceing Pendant Necklace

Pear Iceing Bangle

Round Iceing Studs

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